Bitcoin CEO

Bitcoin CEO

On December 11, brave, a private browser, announced that it would make some changes to its latest version for IOS, which would restrict iPhone and iPad users from getting bat. Because Apple thinks that brave's reward system doesn't comply with its app store rules. So far, however, braveios users who have accumulated bat through browsing rewards can move them to their brave desktop browser, as the changes only apply to iPhones and iPads. In addition, brave officials said they would continue toBitcoin CEO work with apple to solve the problem.

On November 24, Ethereum classic sent an official push to contact ledger, a hardware wallet provider, saying that a community user posted that they encountered an unknown error while using the ledger wallet, and that they failed to install the etc ledger device in the wallet. Currently, Ethereum classic officials have contacted ledger to find a solution to this issue.

93% and the average short position ratio was 17.41%. The long position was temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) was 2000 BTCs.

According to the data center of ourbit platform, as of 11:00 today, the trading volume of perpetual contract of ourbit exchange in the past 24 hours reached 73.131 billion yuan, up 43.04% in 24 hours

1. Picklefinance: this attack involves many pickle protocol components and is expected to be fixed at 23:00 tonight.

The number of unconfirmed transactions in bitcoin was 24901. Affected by thBitcoin CEOe currency price and calculation power, the average block time in the past week is about 9.67 minutes.

As cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream, pendal group is investing in bitcoin futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

According to u. today, the total trading volume of XRP reached 16.2 billion US dollars on November 21, a record high. On November 22, the number of new accounts created by xrpledger also reached an all-time high. By contrast, XRP's trading volume was only $8.1 billion when it peaked at about $3.3 on January 4, 2018.

Wave network Market shows that BCH short-term rapid rise, breaking through 280usdt. Now it is 280.20usdt, up 5.47% in 24h.