Bitcoin preev

Bitcoin preev

In the BTC perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 24.74%, and the average short position proportion is 16.24%. The loBitcoin preevng position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 6800 BTCs.

1. The total value of the global digital money market is 509.193 billion US dollars (+ 0.34%), and the 24-hour trading volume is US $65.244 billion (- 19.65%).

Crusnetwork, a distributed storage project in Boca ecology, announced through medium the first stage of the profit ark of incentive test network. The first stage is mainly used for software and hardware testing of network nodes, and more than 300000 CRU equivalent rewards will be distributed.

Wave network It is the first community-based exchange in the world. It gives back 100% net income of RMB handling fee and 15 million bobts owned by Bo net to the community, so as to realize co construction, CO governance, win-win and sharing with community users. Wave network integrates the trading depth of each major platform, and the matching performance of single currency pair reaches 3 million transactions / second, which surpasses the trading depth of mainstream exchanges. Spot trading network global high-quality crypto assets, including mainstream currency, popular defi, Boca ecology, etc., to help high-quality projects at home and abroad to land around the world. Contract products include usdt perpetual contract, currency based perpetual contract, simulation contract, etc. professional KOL and analysts provide close investment advisory services.

On December 15, bill barhydt, chief executive of the cryptocurrency wallet and trading app Abra, tweeted that PayPal (alone) now meets more demand for bitcoin purchases than the amount of bitcoin dug up every day. Retail bitcoin ETFs are likely to be seen in 2021 (or 22), when demand is likely to rise 100 fold.

Cryptotraders Management (CTM), a Ponzi scheme in Utah, is facing an investigation by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), according to cointegraph on December 9. CTM and former manager Shawn cutting are trying to boycott subpoenas from the securities and Exchange Commission, according to a December 4 legal document in Utah. The SEC asked cutting to provide financial data, in partBitcoin preevicular all transactions in Wells Fargo's account and communications with Wells Fargo. Cutting is now trying to justify financial privacy,

Andreas antonopoulos, a bitcoin security expert, tweeted today that there is no so-called self hosting wallet. It's just a purse. If the wallet is in my pocket, we don't call it a self pocket purse. If it's in someone else's pocket, it's someone else's wallet, not a wallet. These terms are propaganda with dangerous intentions.

The U.S. Department of justice and the Southern District of New York have extradited Gutenberg dos Santos, an operator of the Ponzi scheme airbit club, from Panama, according to a statement on the Department's website on Monday. It follows news in August that U.S. prosecutors filed a lawsuit against the operator of the Ponzi scheme airbitclub, a cryptocurrency mining scheme. It is reported that airbitclub has been promoted as a multi-level marketing club in the cryptocurrency industry. They assured the victim that airbitclub would get a return from the mining and trading of cryptocurrency, and that the victim would receive a guaranteed daily return after purchasing any membership.