Bitcoin log graph

Bitcoin log graph

From the data chart provided by EOSAuthority, we can see that the annualized return of the product in theBitcoin log graph past 30 days is only 1.0, but the annualized return in the past 7 days has soared to 64%. Based on this speculation, it can be seen that because BlockOne bought a huge amount of EOSRAM, it generated a huge amount of fees, and directly brought tens of thousands of REX revenue to REX.

In addition, because the cryptocurrency lending market is still in the early stage of brutal growth, a large amount of funds have not yet entered the market, and there is still room for increase in the intensity of competition, and industry participants have relatively high profit margins. However, as the market further matures, the many advantages of cryptocurrency lending over traditional lending will attract more players to enter, and the space for model innovation and interest rate space will be gradually squeezed (current competition in the lending market is mainly based on interest rates, LTV And the loan period and other elements are relatively standardized).

2017 was a year of concentrated outbreaks of 1C0. According to 1C0Rating data, about 7 billion US dollars of funds were raised through 1C0. Compared to 2016, the amount of financing soared 28 times. 1C0 essentially develops a project based on blockchain technology in the early stage of the project, and raises funds by selling the project's tokens for the later development of the project. As the token market matures, many problems related to 1C0 are quickly exposed, such as unreasonable fund-raising amounts, opaque use of funds, delays in project implementation, suspected market manipulation and even fraud by project parties. At the same time, the irrational influx of some funds may cause shock and damage to the financial market. Such an impact has prompted governments around the world to think about what measures to take to regulate.

When Ethereum is upgraded to Serenity, the PoS system will run entirely in Ethereum, which is the last milestone in the Ethereum roadmap. In the Serenity stage, the Ethereum blockchain will have a huge business scenario, this scenario has a built-in Turing complete programming language, other developers, companies and entities can use it to create contracts, applications and systems . In a 2017 demo, Ethereum developer Hudson Jameson discussed Ethereum's roadmap. Although Hudson did not give information on when Ethereum will enter the Serenity phase, he said that when Serenity is released, this will be when you really know something big will happen.

Asymmetric encryption algorithm, which is the private key and public key mentioned above. The public key can be published, is used for encryption, but cannot be used for decryption. The private key is only owned by an individual, and it can be used for decryption. In other words, the public key can only be used for encryption, while the private key is used for decryption. Everyone can own the public key, while the private key is only owned by the individual. It has never been spread to anyone, so there is no risk of leakage. Part of the asymmetric encryption system is based on mathematical principles

But now, the situation has completely changed. God V Bitcoin log graphfell to the altar, the theory of Ethereum value zeroing prevailed, and the clarity after the chaos made the project itself a focus. Slow progress, technical defects, high costs, and difficulty in advancing decentralization, every old ailment of Ethereum is now eager to find a cure.

As early as the beginning of this year, Bitcoin showed signs of a two-year decline after the bubble burst in 2018. It has climbed from the level of $200 to the highest level of $10,500 in February. This is quite a reproduction of the Libra white paper published by Facebook in June last year (renamed) Diem) after the rise of the digital currency trend, a bull market posture. However, due to the global outbreak of COVID-19 and the economic recession of various countries, the reputation of Bitcoin digital gold is self-defeating. Following the mainstream market’s March stock market crash, it has set an unbearable record of $700 at Bitfinex. Let May Ben be given the public's attention, the four-year "halving event" cast a shadow.

William's motivation for proposing this EIP is this: The state of Ethereum is already very large, and if it continues to grow at the current rate, the Ethereum network will become extremely bloated. And we are underestimating the long-term cost of storage. Storage cost can be approximately modeled as: byte * time. Therefore, it is necessary for us to change the current state of Ethereum design.