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The traditional view is that the low electricity price in the wet season will promote the increase of the hash rate, and we oppose it. We believe that the wet season will cause the cost curve to go down in Coinbase Bitcoin6 months of the year. In this way, less BTC can be sold to support operating expenses, while miners can accumulate capital to invest in the growth of mining capacity .

Peer-to-peer exchanges such as HodlHodl use a little-known important technology, that is, Bitcoin's native multi-signature function. A simple, easy-to-understand, highly credible, and widely-used multi-signature embodiment can bring many secondary benefits. Take HodlHodl as an example, it can make buyers and sellers believe that they will not be deceived during the transaction. In a 2/3 multi-signature contract, the transaction can only be carried out when both the buyer and the seller sign; if one of the parties does not agree, it will be decided by the arbitrator. In fact, most transactions are concluded without arbitration-the arbitration mechanism itself has a deterrent effect on normative behavior.

On Wednesday, the US Securities and Exchange Commission postponed its decision on the changes to the ETF listing rules proposed by the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (Cboe); if approved, it will allow Bitcoin ETFs supported by blockchain startup SolidX and investment company VanEck Listed.

Looking at the performance of each blockchain sector, we found that within 24 hours, the transaction volume of the currency sector reached US$8,137.4 billion (transaction volume decreased by 01%), and the transaction volume of the distributed ledger sector reached US$1402.6 billion (transaction volume increased by 74%) , The trading volume of the anonymous currency sector reached 635.4 billion US dollars (trading volume increased by 20.71%), the trading volume of the bifurcated currency sector was US$123.7 billion (trading volume decreased by 11%), and the cross-chain/side chain trading volume was US$114.54 million (transactions The transaction volume of the asset management sector was US$155.3 million (a decrease of 3%), the trading volume of the advertising and entertainment sector was US$128.8 million (the transaction volume was down 16%), and the trading volume of the platform currency sector was US$65.95 million ( Transaction volume decreased by 14%), IoT segment transaction volume was US$72.01 million (trading volume decreased by 25%), artificial intelligence segment transaction volume was US$508.2 million (transaction volume decreased by 0.8%), and social communications sector transaction volume was US$45.95 million (Trading volume decreased by 24%), the financial services sector had a trading volume of US$13.91 million (trading volume decreased by 26%), the data management sector had a trading volume of US$175.6 million (trading volume increased by 424%), and the anti-counterfeiting and traceability sector had a trading volume of 44.7 million USD (trading volume dropped by 43%).

According to news from Binhuo Niu Finance, on August 7, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) postponed its decision on whether to allow bitcoin-backed exchange-traded funds (ETF) to be listed. The SEC stated that it must approve or disapprove or file an agenda before September 30 to decide whether to approve a proposed rule change proposed by CboeGlobalMarkets, which will allow VanEckAssociates and SolidXPartners ETFs Listed.

The Wall Street Journal cited another example of digital currency price manipulation. Kjetil Eilertsen, a trader who has been trading Bitcoin since 2011, developed a program called QuatlooTrader, which is known as The best market manipulation tool in the cryptocurrency field. The starting point of this program is to make market manipulation easier by using built-in tools, such as a special tag called whaletools, which can perform several deceptive strategieCoinbase Bitcoins.

The same is true for Bitcoin depository institutions, at least in the United States, where they are subject to vague policies because there is no specific area of ‚Äč‚Äčregulation. In this context, it is advantageous to disclose their operations as little as possible. In addition, reserves proved costly. In the past three years, the exchange has only differentiated from its competitors in terms of liquidity and number of listings, and has not pursued an advantage in credibility.

But PayPal, as a third-party payment tool, has a current market value of US$106.5 billion, while Bitcoin, as a kind of online money, has a circulating market value of only US$63.8 billion. From the perspective of solving the problem of value exchange, the value difference between Bitcoin and PayPal is actually unreasonable.

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