What does it mean to mine Bitcoin

What does it mean to mine Bitcoin

This issue will focus on six major issues: will gold, as a safe asset of the world in the past, be replaced by bitcoin? What are the positioning differences between BTC and eth, and will BTC be surpassed? Why is eth2.0 a safe haven for lazy verifiers? How does the Ethereum mine pool in the 1.0 era cope with the transformation challenge of eth2.0? How long can eth dig? Where will EthereuWhat does it mean to mine Bitcoinm miners go in the future? What is the change and invariance in mining strategy? In addition to in-depth topic interviews, there are also wonderful interactive Q & A and gift giving sessions.

At 4:00 p.m., empty hair force, touching 19100 below, again horizontal vibration finishing. After today's opening, bears fell sharply, touching a line near the bottom of 18900. At present, it is in a rebound trend, and the market fluctuates around 19200.

EDC (earndeficoin) is a social experiment full of infinite imagination. It will be an important part of the whole defi world. It will be built into an aggregated cross chain smart contract platform, and finally multiple smart contract platforms will be aggregated in the earndefi platform, so that users can easily and quickly link the decentralized financial systems on different smart contract platforms, including unlimited On eth, EOS, TRX, pinetwork, filecoin and other platforms, it can participate in decentralized lending, insurance, liquidity, stable currency, non homogeneity token (NFT) and many other parts.

In the ETH perpetual contract account, the average long position proportion is 24.47%, and the average short position proportion is 12.37%. The long position is temporarily ahead, and the leading number (net position number) is 87000 eth.

According to decrypt, the f2pool fish pool has been listed on the taproot activation website, indicating that it supports the bitcoin protocol upgrade scheme taproot. With the addition of f2pool, taproot, which aims to improve network privacy and efficiency, has now gained joint support from miners who account for 45% of bitcoin's computing power. That means it's only 6% short of getting more than half the support.

As of December 1, the total scale of gray asset management rose to $12.3 billion. The trading price of bitcoin trust (GBTC) was $23.74 per share, up 2.37% from the previous day; the trading price of Ethereum trustWhat does it mean to mine Bitcoin (ethe) was $109 per share, up 5.83% from the previous day.

Previously, according to the official route map released by aelf on December 3, the starting route of the main network of aelf is divided into five stages: 1. Security observation period, in which the main chain and side chain of the main network are started step by step, and the main network will be connected to the exchange; 2. During the currency exchange period, the token of the main network will be unlocked, and the token migration will be started; 3. During the node election period, DAPP will be launched in succession; 4. The improvement period, that is, replacement All nodes, and hold the election of the Management Committee of aelfdao; 5. Realize the ecological autonomy of aelf during the stable period.

Opendao tweeted that a perpetrator was trying to get a ransom from opendao. We will not be involved. The agreement is 100% secure and funds are not affected. This is a DDoS attack against the UI. Fortunately, we are prepared for this, so the attack will be futile.