Bitcoin vulnerability

Bitcoin vulnerability

UW-CBDC is a cross-border payment solution proposed by the Bank of Canada, the Bank of England and the Monetary Authority of Singapore in the 2018 research report "Cross-border Interbank Payment and Settlement". In UW-CBDC, U refers to universal use, W refers to wholesale type, and CBDC refers to central bank digital currency (but UW-CBDC is not issued by the central bank). UW-CBDC is similar to FacebookLibra in many ways (Figure 1 Figure Bitcoin vulnerabilityon page 36 of the above report.

According to Marx’s understanding of the development of currency forms in Capital (Volume 3), it is not uncommon for banknotes to be replaced by electronic currencies and legal digital currencies with lower issuance costs, but legal digital currencies far surpass paperless ones. The formal meaning, which fundamentally conforms to the historical trend of the development of the digital economy. Nevertheless, there are still many obstacles and concerns from the conception to implementation of the global legal digital currency. For example, people have the right to use non-smart phones, cash payment, prefer cash wealth, and the risk of digital currency payment is uncertain. Neither will disappear completely. The final realization of legal digital currency will take time.

With a rigorous scholarly attitude, I would like to emphasize that the answer to Zeno’s paradox is far more complicated than that explained in the article. There is still some controversy as to whether the Zeno Turtle paradox has been perfectly resolved, especially the quantum Zeno effect. , And time cannot be divided infinitely, and the smallest unit of time—Planck time, etc., has greatly exceeded the scope of this article.

The author of this article is a member of the dark web organization, providing file resources and technical services to black market customers. He discussed the impact of technological development on commercial activities in the online black market from three perspectives: past, present and future. This article does not make legal and ethical evaluations of these activities, but only focuses on technical and operational safety. For some people's transactions that violate laws and ethics, it may be completely legal for others, and you have to judge for yourself.

TBTC is not a special case. In fact, almost all emerging smart contract platforms are considering how to build a Bitcoin side chain/bridge leading to the platform. In the Cosmos ecosystem, NomicBitcoinSidechain is a project worthy of attention. The project uses the Tendermint technology stack to implement a Bitcoin side chain. Once the Inter-Blockchain (IBC) agreement takes effect, NomicBTC (NBTC) can interoperate with other Tendermint assets. Similarly, Tezos fans also started the tzBTC project, which is to mint BTC tokens in the Tezos blockchain.

The monthly volatility of major tokens has generally increased this week. The monthly volatility of BTC is 17%, an increase of 3% from last week; the monthly volatility of ETH is 17%, an increase oBitcoin vulnerabilityf 3% from last week; the monthly volatility of EOS is 44%. An increase of 1.8% from last week; the monthly volatility of BCH was 46%, an increase of 29% from last week. The volatility of mainstream tokens in the market has increased this week, and the market has generally turned warm.

For the time being, there is no need to consider how much value GUSD can play or how much market share it can grab from USDT. The key is that people meet the regulations. This is the most important thing. It is too long and the cost to get a chain alone. Ethereum sends ERC20, which can be done for a few hundred dollars without much maintenance cost. It is very likely that the Winklevoss brothers directly slapped the coins on the table and said to the SEC: Come on, how to play, how to anchor, how to disclose, you set the rules, and I will do it.

Third, the information is not transparent and there is a possibility of over-distribution. Although the market value of USDT has exceeded US$2 billion, Tether has not yet provided the corresponding bank account guarantee certificate and audit report. Although Tether published a document called Proof of Funds in September last year, it showed that as of September 15, 2017, there was a balance of 4.3 billion US dollars in the company's account, but it did not disclose the details of the partner bank or the account holder. . After that, the funding documents have not been updated.

The works of Saiers and artists from all over the world prove that more and more people are beginning to combine the financial system with cryptocurrency. Saiers’ Bitcoin mouse may not exist forever. He plans to move it away after the exhibition ends, but more importantly, the works of these artists make people recognize and learn about cryptocurrencies.